The Art of Restoration: A Journey with Lost in Time Restorations and Graffiti Alley

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Lost in Time Restorations Business Spotlight By Gary Raze

In the heart of Lane County, two brothers have turned their lifelong passion for cars into thriving businesses, creating a legacy of automotive excellence. Jim Purcell, the driving force behind Lost in Time Restoration, and his twin brother, Gordon, from Graffiti Alley, have established themselves as premier figures in the car restoration industry. Their journey, rooted in family ties and a shared love for classic automobiles, offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of high-end automotive restoration.

From Customer to Collaborator

The partnership between the Purcell brothers began in an unexpected manner. Gordon, initially a customer at Lost in Time Restoration, brought in his car for some work. This encounter led to a professional relationship and, ultimately, a collaborative effort in restoring classic vehicles. Their uncle, Bob, who ran Graffiti Alley, was instrumental in connecting the two. This connection sparked a synergy that has been driving the success of both businesses.

A Lifelong Passion for Cars

For Jim, the world of hot rods and classic cars has been a lifelong obsession. Growing up with a wrench in hand, he naturally gravitated towards restoring vehicles, a passion he eagerly passed on to his children, including Mike and Jim Jr. This family-oriented approach to business has not only preserved but also enriched the legacy of automotive restoration within the Purcel family.

The Restoration Process: Art Meets Precision

At Lost in Time Restoration, the process is meticulous, blending artistry with mechanical precision. Whether it’s a full-blown restoration or focused mechanical work, like the Fairlane project with its extensive suspension and motor overhaul, the team ensures each car receives the attention it deserves. But it’s not just about the mechanics; it’s about reviving the soul of each vehicle, an ethos that has guided their successful business model.

Overcoming Challenges in the Restoration World

One of the biggest challenges in today’s restoration industry, as noted by Jim, is dealing with the advanced electronics in modern vehicles. This has led them to collaborate with specialists to tackle these modern complexities, ensuring that each restoration meets their high standards.

The clientele of Lost in Time typically consists of individuals who appreciate the value of meticulous restoration work, often leading to projects that are as much about preserving history as they are about engineering and artistry.

The Importance of Detail and Reputation

The Purcels pride themselves on their detail-oriented approach and the strong reputation they’ve built through word of mouth. Their growth has been organic, driven by the quality of their work and the trust they’ve established within the community. From their early days in Eugene to their expansive setup in Cheshire, they’ve remained committed to quality over quantity.

Future Aspirations and Legacy

Despite the success and expansion of their business, the Purcels prefer to keep operations manageable, focusing on quality restoration projects that align with their expertise and passion. Their future lies in continuing this tradition of excellence, ensuring that every project they undertake is a testament to their skill and love for automotive restoration.

In conversation with Gary Rays for Eugene Spotlights, the Purcels shared their story, offering insights into the challenges and rewards of the restoration industry. Their journey is not just about restoring cars but also about fostering a legacy that intertwines family, passion, and craftsmanship in the timeless art of vehicle restoration.

For enthusiasts and collectors alike, Lost in Time and Graffiti Alley represent the pinnacle of automotive restoration, where every car’s history is cherished and every restoration is a masterpiece.

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Gary Raze – Eugene Realtor with RE/MAX Integrity

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