Why is Voodoo Doughnut a Craze in Eugene Oregon

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Voodoo Doughnut is a famous doughnut shop in Eugene, Oregon, known for its eclectic and unique doughnut flavors, quirky decor, and marketing. Here are a few reasons why Voodoo Doughnut is a craze in Eugene:

  1. Creative Flavors: Voodoo Doughnut offers many unique flavors not typically in other doughnut shops. Some of their signature flavors include the “Voodoo Doll” doughnut, shaped like a voodoo doll and filled with raspberry jelly, and the “Bacon Maple Bar,” a doughnut topped with maple frosting and bacon bits.
  2. Quirky Decor: The shop’s decor combines carnival and Halloween themes with bright colors, funky wallpaper, and quirky props like a giant doughnut bicycle and a casket that serves as a display case.
  3. Marketing: Voodoo Doughnut has garnered attention for its unconventional marketing tactics, such as creating doughnuts shaped like cereal boxes or cough syrup bottles. They have also received press coverage for their doughnut designs inspired by pop culture icons such as the Portland Trail Blazers and the Simpsons.
  4. Local History: Voodoo Doughnut was initially founded in Portland, Oregon, and opened its second location in Eugene in 2010. The shop has become a cultural icon in both cities and draws locals and tourists alike.

Overall, Voodoo Doughnut’s creative flavors, quirky decor, unconventional marketing, and local history have all contributed to its popularity and craze in Eugene, Oregon.

Location: 20 East Broadway, Eugene, OR, United States, Oregon
Phone: 1 541-868-8666

Tell us your experience and which flavors delighted your taste buds. Have fun!

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